Centro de Innovación y Desarrollo

GeoInnova is always in search of new knowledge, techniques and technologies to incorporate as part of its services and add even more value to our clients. Our R&D Center has been providing this part of the work for several years and has generated various tools to make the work of our consultants more efficient.

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) have always been part of GeoInnova’s culture. Each project of our clients generates new knowledge and techniques to tackle problems, so that over time, it has become an increasingly important intellectual asset. This is how the need arose to formalize and systematize knowledge and innovation management, the Corfo Innovation Portfolio 16GPI-60687 project that gives life to our Research and Development Center being key. From this project, both the roadmap and the applications to be built by our center were drawn up.


Featured Projects


This software was created to compose databases, especially of the Geometallurgical type, whose composition requires the possibility of having different configurations depending on the needs of the user and his project.

This software performs the following tasks:

  • Composition of Continuous and Categorical Variables.
  • Establish cut-off limits of the values in Continuous Variables.
  • Generate Error Report:
    • Null or empty values in Continuous and Categorical Variables.
    • Null or empty values in From and To fields.
    • Null or empty values in Drill Hole Id fields.
    • Repeated or overlapping sections.
    • Inconsistent values in From and To fields.
  • Incorporate Database in Collar and Survey format.

If you want to know more, you can download a version from our partners’ page at the following link: TATGS Store.

Optimal Drilling Location

This project had the general objective of designing and developing an optimal location system for drilling based on the uncertainty associated with the processes, as well as the quantity and quality of the information, in order to reduce the risk of mineral resources in production plans in mining projects and operations.

Its specific objectives were:

  • Design an optimal drilling location selection model incorporating operational variables such as angles and accesses.
  • Obtain sequential versus parallel selection criteria.
  • Incorporate univariate and multivariable uncertainty metrics considering the quality and quantity of information.
  • Develop and validate algorithm for optimal location of drillings.
  • Design an intellectual property and anti-piracy strategy.

This project was carried out with the support of Innova Corfo.


Conciliatron is a tool to perform a mining reconciliation between two block models, usually associated with different stages of the operation, which contain information on laws, categories, phases, banks, years, etc. In this way the differences between these models are obtained and the identification of the sources of errors is facilitated.

The software is designed to facilitate the tasks associated with reconciliation, maintaining the necessary flexibility so that users can make decisions about the information contained in the data. Its advantages are highlighted below.

  • Guided and Easy Process
  • Standardization
  • Multiple configurations
  • Graphics dashboard
  • Reports
  • Automation
  • Speed

If you want to know more about this tool and get a trial version, visit its Conciliatron Web page.


Variotron is a software that was created to facilitate the creation and generation of variograms on large data volumes (millions of data) through parallel computing in conjunction with an intuitive interface.

Its main functions are:

  • Generation of multi-variable experimental variograms (n variables).
  • Multi-variable variographic adjustment generation (n variables).
  • Optimized to work on large databases at high speed.

The generation of this tool was supported by Corfo.



Process Parallelization: Co-Kriging and Simulation of Continuous Variables

The purpose of this project was to take advantage of the performance of the Video Processing Units (GPUs) to implement parallelized versions of the algorithms for co-estimation of mining resources and co-simulation of continuous variables in mining deposits. Both processes were optimized and versions were generated that improve the execution times of their non-parallelized versions.

This project had the support of Corfo.

If you want to know a little about the history of this project, its results and found opportunities, we invite you to read our article Incorporating GPU Technology and Cloud Computing in GeoInnova.


Quebratron es un software que cuantifica el material quebrado para cualquier variable continua o categórica del modelo a través de simulaciones de flujo gravitacional, considerando la información de calendarios de producciones, campañas de sondajes, topografías, etc.

Simulación de Quiebre de Variable Continua
Simulación de Quiebre de Variable Categórica


GeoGnosim allows quantifying the uncertainty in the spatial extent of geological units, integrating the necessary tools to carry out the modeling and management of geostatistical simulations for decision-making. This affects the various stages of a mining project, in particular in the evaluation of the grades and quantities of metal contained in the deposit, the design and planning (sequencing and definition of a production program) and the economic evaluation of the project, of its risks or opportunities.

The software is characterized by offering flexible modeling, adaptable to complex geologies, in particular, to deposits made up of numerous geological units whose contact relationships are varied.

The software also stands out for its ease of use and learning for end users (resource geologists, mainly).

This project was carried out with the support of the Fundación Copec-UC and the professor at the University of Chile, Dr. Xavier Emery. More information about this software on the page of the Fundación Copec-UC.

Graficatron SaaS: Software as a Service

Graficatron is an application (SaaS: Software as a Service) that makes it possible to facilitate the exploratory analysis of data through the automated generation of sections (East, Nort, Elevation) of block models, more information on drilling.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Intuitive interface.
  • Facilitates automation and exploration of data.
  • Able to simultaneously process multiple tasks.
  • Able to graph any type of model variable.
  • Easy export (png, pdf)