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GeoInnova Team

Last Update: 31-05-2021

Rodrigo Riquelme Tapia | Resources and Reserves Manager

Civil Engineer in Mines, Diploma in Business Management U. of Chile and Diploma in Gostatistics (CFSG 2006) Paris School of Mines, Master in Economics from Georgetown University (ILADES, Santiago), 16 years of experience in the development of mining projects in Codelco, Ministro Hales Mine, Sulfuros Radomiro Tomic project and Cluster Toki, among others. At GeoInnova he has carried out several studies for Codelco, AMSA, Collahuasi and Anglo American. He has experience in resource estimation, geometallurgical models, reserves and tasks in multidisciplinary teams.

Competent Person in Resources and Reserves, accredited by the Mining Commission (law No. 20,235) Register No. 50. Authorized to issue NI 43-101 reports.

Alejandro Cáceres Saavedra | Development and Innovation Manager

Geologist from University of Chile, Master of Science with a major in Geology from University of Chile, MSc(c) Metals and Energy Finance Imperial College UK. He has 15 years of experience in Codelco Norte, Golder Associates and as an independent consultant for national and international mining companies, working in geological modeling, resource estimation, geometallurgical models, and uncertainty models, classification of resources, audits, research and development of ad hoc solutions for geo-mining-metallurgical problems, as well as national and international training in deposits evaluation.

Competent Person in Geology, accredited by the Mining Commission (law No. 20,235) Register No. 331. Authorized to issue NI 43-101 reports.

Andrés Sandoval González | Senior Consultant Geologist

Geologist from University of Chile with 25 years of experience in Economic Geology. He has participated in numerous projects under exploration, different phases of engineering for project start-up and in porphyry copper deposits under production. Broad experience in the acquisition of geological information, geological conceptualization and modeling of the main copper deposits in Chile such as, Escondida, Zaldívar, Andina, Ministro Hales (Project MMH) and Radomiro Tomic.

Competent Person in Geology accredited by the Mining Commission (law No. 20,235) Register No. 305. Authorized to issue NI 43-101 reports.

Lucas Contreras Torres | Project Geologist

Geologist from University of Chile (2014), Diploma in Geomechanics applied to mining design, University of Chile (2017), 3 years of experience, made his dissertation in Geometallurgy. During his time as a student he worked in data analysis, data gathering and software testing for GeoInnova, and worked in the ALGES laboratory at the University of Chile. At GeoInnova he has participated in several geological modeling projects in Leapfrog such as the La Huifa project (Codelco subsidiary EM) and has made resource estimates, geometallurgical variables, geomechanical variables and uncertainty studies for different clients, such as Codelco, Anglo American, BHP , AMSA and CMDIC.

Sebastián Seguel Siglic | Project Engineer

Civil Engineer of Mines, University of Chile. He made his dissertation on Mining Planning at the Delphos laboratory (University of Chile), where he made the long-term planning of an open pit mine under uncertainty of ore grades and geometallurgical attributes. He carried out internships at Mantos Blancos, Collahuasi and at the Block Caving laboratory (bclab). At GeoInnova, he has participated in resource categorization projects.

Alan Toledo Vargas | Software Engineer R + D

Civil Engineer in Computer Science and Master of Science in Computer Engineering from Federico Santa María Technical University. He did his thesis work in solving combinatorial optimization problems through the design and implementation of intelligent algorithms. He has more than 2 years of experience in software development. At GeoInnova he has participated in different projects that involve the development of Software in the geo-mining-metallurgical-financial context.

At GeoInnova we are committed to the sustained improvement of our consulting services and we distinguish ourselves by:

Provinding our clients with innovative solutions that solve the new challenges and satisfy the changing demands of the mining industry. Delivering independent consulting services, based on a deep professional ethics. Offering operational solutions to the conundrum and diverse problems our clients are facing. Establishing long-term relationships with our customers, working to exceed their expectations in terms of solutions and products delivered. Having a group of professionals with excellent academic training and practical experience, who develop and implement integral solutions for our clients. Being an international reference in geological modeling, estimation, and classification of mining reserves and resources.