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Consultants Main

Rodrigo Riquelme (RRT)

Manager of resources and reserves 

With a strong track record of twenty-two years old, Rodrigo has developed a panoramic view only of the various areas of the mining business and its impacts. This wide experience has allowed him to be part of multidisciplinary teams and specialize in the estimation of reserves and resources, the risk analysis and the geological models and geometalúrgicos for major mining companies in Chile. Your deep knowledge and expertise have been critical to the success of these projects. 

Alejandro Cáceres (ACS)

Consultant geologist main 

Alejandro stands out for its ability to discern the needs of the client and determine the best approach to the various projects. With over seventeen years of experience as an independent consultant, he specializes in risk analysis, reconciliations, modeling, estimation and classification of resources in projects for major mining companies in the country. In addition, Alejandro serves as the professor of the course of Reservoir Evaluation at the University of Chile. Their focus has always been the technical integration and financial along the value chain of the mining business. 



The area of Consulting specializes in providing personalized advice to organizations, working closely with the teams of clients to identify opportunities and develop effective strategies. Your goal is to improve performance, optimize processes and manage change, contributing to the success and sustainable growth of organizations through informed decision making and improved operational efficiency.

Naldo Fernández (NFH)

Technology consultant 

Naldo has a great ability to quickly acquire new knowledge, whether in the handling of software or programming. Its role in GeoInnova has been important to establish a bridge between the world of mining and technology, facilitating the transfer of knowledge. He has participated in projects of modeling geometalúrgico, modeling of structures and optimization routines estimation for prominent mining companies, among them Collahuasi. In addition, he has played an integral role in projects of integration of databases and estimation of variables geometalúrgicas to CMDIC. 

Angela Said (ASM)

Geologist consultant 

Angela was titled the year 2021. He began his professional career in small and medium mining in the area of exploration and modeling, focusing on the collection of geological data for the construction of geological models. In the last time he focused on geology of production, through the description of tunnels and fronts of exploration. He has experience in description of drilling and has been a part of different forces teachers to support in the training of future professionals. 

Karen Kotthoff (KKC)

Geology of projects 

Karen has been a key part in projects of great relevance during his career of three years in GeoInnova. Has played a pivotal role in the field of drainage miner acid to CMDIC, being one of the few projects of this nature in the country. In addition, he has provided his expertise in geotechnical engineering, by doing thorough reviews, photos of drillings for both CMDIC as for Anglo American. Karen has also submitted proposals for the improvement in the classification of reserves in the Salar de Atacama to SQM, demonstrating your ability to drive substantial improvements in this important field. In addition, he has participated in the design of campaigns of core and contributed to the optimization of the plan resource estimate of Antucoya to AMSA.

Fernanda Leiva (FLJ)

Engineer project 

Fernanda has a year of experience in mining projects within GeoInnova, such projects are developed in the area of geo metallurgy and resource estimation, in addition, has made models for the productive sector of the Lithium. Within the projects that stand out, are the estimation of mineralogías in the District Gabriela Mistral and Rodomiro Tomic, such as creating models using machine learning in the Salar de Atacama (SQM). He has also participated in the estimation of resources, such as, for example, in the estimation of laws of DGM.  

Catalina Carreño (CCC)

Geology senior consultant 

Catalina combines its solid experience of ten years with his ability to work in multidisciplinary teams, backed up by their excellent communication skills. For eight years, he played a key role in Codelco, specifically in the Division Radomiro Tomic, where he was in charge of the geological modeling and resource planning in the short and medium term. Since joining GeoInnova, has carried out projects of modeling geometalúrgico, resource estimation, creation of models of uncertainty and development of operational models of stock mine for well-known mining companies such as Anglo American, Codelco and Collahuasi. Its wide reach and involvement in key projects turn it into a professional, highly attractive and valuable in the mining sector. 

Gonzalo Zuniga (GZO)

Project geologist 

Since Gonzalo joined GeoInnova, he has demonstrated his dedication to the work in various large-scale projects. Has deployed their skills in the modeling geometalúrgico, the creation of models of change and geotechnical, as well as the estimate of mineralogías and resource models. He has experience in major mining companies such as Minera Centinela, Antofagasta Minerals, Codelco (in their divisions of RT, Chuquicamata and Gabriela Mistral) and SQM. In addition, Gonzalo has brought her expertise in conducting Due Diligence for Caroline. Lately he has participated in projects of categorization of mineral resources, and generation of stochastic models. Along with specialization in data science. 

Constance Sources (CFO)

Geology of projects 

Constance is distinguished by its development of skills in cross-sectional in the field of applied geoscience mining. Throughout his career in GeoInnova, he has demonstrated his versatility by working in a variety of areas, from the compilation and integration of databases fundamental to the reconciliation of data with the plant. In addition, it has left a significant mark on the generation of models of geometalurgia, geotechnical and resources for major mining companies in the country. His experience and involvement in high-profile projects turn it into a relevant professional and skilled. 

Constanza Rivas (CRL)

Geology of projects 

Constance has played a key role in projects of high relevance in GeoInnova, focused on the estimation of variables geometalúrgicas at various sites. Among them are projects such as Hope, where he worked on models of recovery and clays; Quellaveco, where he contributed to models of mineralogy, recovery, hardness, and clay; and South Pole, where she focused on models of recovery heap and rom, as well as in the model geotechnical data. Also, in the Division Radomiro Tomic Codelco, Constance participated in the development of a model of mineralogy of oxides. In addition, it has been an integral part of project resource estimate in Buffalo and Stay in the Air SQM. His wealth of experience has also extended to audit processes to Lumina Copper Chile.  

Sebastian Seguel (SSS)

Project engineer 

Sebastian stands out for its ability to integrate information in an effective way, which has allowed him to excel in projects for the characterization of resources and reserves. During his six years in GeoInnova, has shown his talent in many areas, including mine planning, as well as the estimation and evaluation of resources for major mining sites belonging to companies such as Collahuasi, Codelco, Antofagasta Minerals, among other leading companies of the sector. Your ability to analyze data in a comprehensive way and his experience in projects of reputed make Sebastian a valuable professional in the field of mining. 

Madeline Valdivia (MVQ)

Engineer Project

Madeline is a project engineer with a strong focus on the mining industry. He graduated in the year 2022, earning his degree in Civil Engineering from Mines. Its working title is called “Methodology for analysis of the economic impact associated to the uncertainty of operational parameters in plant ore concentrator copper”, where he sought to optimize efficiency and decision making in the processing of minerals to scenarios of uncertainty.

In his diploma project, Madeline investigated the variability that contribute to the operational parameters in a concentrator plant of copper ores. His methodology of economic impact analysis addressed the uncertainty in these parameters, providing a detailed view of how the changes in the operation can influence financial results. In addition, he sought to quantify the degree of uncertainty in the processes by indicators such as the risk. This approach demonstrates his ability to combine technical knowledge with the financial picture of the business, which is essential in the mining industry moderna.

Teresa Valenzuela (TVZ)

Engineer project 

Teresa was titled in the year 2022, his thesis is framed in the project FONDECYT entitled “Evaluation of chemolithoautotrophic microorganisms as pyrite depressant in flotation of copper sulfides with seawater”, which consisted in the evaluation of the use of recirculated water-type distilled and sea with residues corresponding to microorganisms (Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans) used as reagents in the flotation of copper sulphide. As a result of his thesis, he has experience in laboratory work processing of minerals associated with the area of biominería, which has been awarded a sustainable approach to mining in your profile as a professional. 

Geological modeling

Area of Geological Modeling

The area of Geological Modeling is devoted to the thorough analysis of geological data in order to interpret the complex underground structures and geological phenomena. working in close collaboration with experts from the industry, which results in the creation of solid models that support the exploration of natural resources, the assessment of risks and the meticulous planning of engineering projects. This commitment contributes significantly to the progress of the industry, supporting informed decision-making in a solid basis of geological evidence.

Katia Rossel (KRB)

Geology of projects 

Katia stands out thanks to its analytical capacity and scientific approach, which is evident in his numerous publications in journals and conferences in the field of geomorphology and sedimentology applied to the tectonics of the andes. During his career of more than five years in GeoInnova, has acquired an expertise in the conceptualization and geological modeling of various mineral deposits in Chile, lending his expertise to major companies such as Collahuasi, Anglo American and Codelco. She has also participated in resource estimation, variables geometalúrgicas variables and geotechnical (Collahuasi, The Bronzes, Quellaveco, SQM, Andean). His solid technical knowledge and contribution to the research in your field of Katia a great professional for the sector. 

Andrés Sandoval (ASG)

Geologist senior consultant  

Andrés has a unique vision in the conceptualization of geological deposits, a skill that has developed over his outstanding thirty-two-year career. As a senior geologist, noted for its ability to integrate its vast experience in various stages of the mining business, from the exploration to the geology of mines and the characterization of geological. Since joining GeoInnova, has primarily focused on the modeling of the main copper deposits in Chile. Your deep knowledge and dedication have been the key to the success of these projects. 

John Bello (PBG)

Geologist modeler  

John Paul has a solid experience of seven years in the geological modeling of various sites, including IOCG, estratoligados, porphyry and vetiformes. Noted for their agility and ability to understand the philosophy of the software modeling, being self-taught in their learning. Has designed the successful campaign of drilling both Brownfield as Greenfield, and has carried out the mapping of drilling diamantinos, underground galleries and banks in open pit. Their ability to establish strong relationships with colleagues from different areas has resulted in a synergy that allows to achieve the objectives and to raise the standards of efficiency and safety in the mining process. In addition, she has extensive knowledge in the estimation of resources and programming skills in various languages, focusing on the management and database analysis, QAQC and numerical modelling. 

Gabriel Carmona (GCM)

Geologist modeler 

Gabriel is a professional with four years of experience in geological modeling of deposits estratoligados and vetiformes, in particular, in the generation of geological models and envelopes to act in the short, medium and long term, as well as in the planning and execution of drilling campaigns. It stands out for its dynamism, proactive approach and excellent performance in multidisciplinary teams. It has a large domain of different software, including Gis, Vulcan and Leapfrog, having received numerous trainings at an advanced level in Leapfrog Geo and Edge. Gabriel is distinguished for her perseverance, efficiency in the achievement of results and ability to make decisions under pressure. In addition, with expertise in geology, production, mapping of banks, wells, blasting, and drilling cutting and diamond.  

Administración y Finanzas

Área de Administración y Finanzas

El área de Administración y Finanzas desempeña un papel fundamental en el funcionamiento integral de GeoInnova, ya que se encarga de la gestión financiera y comercial, la administración, y la planificación estratégica. Su contribución es esencial para asegurar la estabilidad y el éxito empresarial, al garantizar una gestión financiera sólida y cultivar relaciones a largo plazo con los clientes, centradas en la mejora continua.

Gonzalo Rojas (GRZ)

Administration and finance manager 

Gonzalo posee una sólida trayectoria de doce años en la cual ha desarrollado una especialización destacada en administración, finanzas y control de gestión. Ha adquirido experiencia en diversos sectores, incluyendo servicios, comercio exterior, retail y, actualmente, consultoría minera. Además, ha desempeñado un papel clave en la implementación de sistemas ERP, la gestión de flujo de caja, la revisión y control de estados financieros, la elaboración de presupuestos, la gestión de cobranzas, el pago a proveedores, la facturación, la presentación de licitaciones y proyectos CORFO, entre otros aspectos. La amplia variedad de habilidades y conocimientos que Gonzalo ha adquirido a lo largo de su carrera lo convierten en un profesional altamente versátil y valioso en el ámbito de la administración y las finanzas. 

Sofia Gonzalez (SGL)

Engineer proposals and technical reports 

Sofia culminated his studies in the year 2023, and his thesis consisted in the study of the behavior of the signals of acoustic emission (EA) in the intact rock through a trial of compression uniaxial. His research provided information on the method of EA and its potential application in the monitoring of mining facilities and other industries. Thanks to this, he has gained experience in data analysis and the understanding of the behavior of the rock. As an engineer of projects, Sofia brings his knowledge in the data analysis to the design, the implementation of mining projects and their respective technical reports. 

Numerical Modelling

Area of Numerical Modelling

The area of Numerical Modelling focuses on generating knowledge and innovation through the analysis of data. Working with data from the platform of organizational management and customers that need specific solutions. Using advanced techniques to improve decision making, optimize processes and increase efficiency, working closely with other departments in the adaptation of solutions to specific needs and contributing to the innovation and the success of the company.

Nicolas Molina (NMG)

A Mathematical engineer of Advanced Analytical 

Nicholas is a professional with valuable experience in the field of modelling and numerical simulation of physical systems. He has participated in projects of great importance, including the modeling of weather systems in meteorology, and planetary formation in astronomy, as well as the study of fluids in shallow water. His knowledge and experience in these fields demonstrate its ability to address complex problems and implement innovative approaches. During his phd, Nicholas is specialized in the analysis and control theory problems of fluid mechanics and solids, which gives it a unique perspective to address technical challenges in these areas.

Sebastian Carvajal (SCM)

Consultant geologist 

Sebastian has 4 years of work experience, he worked in the field of hydrogeology, in particular in the study of groundwater and the development of numerical models for the projection of water resources. During his early career, he specialized in providing solutions to hydrological effective, as the drought management, flood prevention, and optimization of the water distribution. Their skills include the preparation of data, the creation of models of hydrogeological and results analysis for informed decision-making. In addition, in the past two years, has expanded its approach to the engineering of data, strengthening their skills in the analysis and management of large volumes of data.  

Valeria Zavala (VZO)

Phd in Earth Sciences 

Valeria is an outstanding professional with experience in numerical modelling and experimental. His doctorate focused on the study of the evolution of systems geomorphological at different time scales. In addition, he has gained international experience working in a consulting firm French in Paris during the last three years. During this time, he had the opportunity to lead a team of multidisciplinary and multicultural, which has strengthened its management skills and collaboration. The income of Valeria to GeoInnova is part of the project ANID: Insertion of Doctors in the Industry, highlighting its academic excellence and its potential to apply their knowledge in the industrial field. Its solid experience in modelling and its multidisciplinary approach makes it a professional highly attractive and valuable in different fields. 

Innovation and Development

Area of I & D

The area of Innovation and Development and is dedicated to fostering creativity and the implementation of innovative solutions in an organization. His approach focuses on the generation of new ideas, the development of prototypes and the implementation of strategies that promote innovation in products, services and processes. These aspects that the delivery area is essential for adaptation to a changing business and contribute to the sustainable success of the organization.

Victor Riquelme (VRR)

Technical Leader I & D 

Victor has extensive experience as a Technical Leader in key areas such as cloud migration, mobile application development and data management. Her passion for working in teams and fostering collaboration has been instrumental in its success, as it fosters an environment conducive to individual growth and collective. Victor has solid skills in the implementation of solutions on leading platforms such as GCP and AWS while ensuring the protection of the data. In addition, fluent in multiple programming languages, such as React, Vue, Node.js, Python, and SQL, which allows you to tackle projects with great versatility and efficiency. Victor has successfully led various projects, to face challenges effectively and always prioritizing the quality, the innovation and the well-being of the team. 

Javier Ortiz (JOG)

Data engineer 

Javier, with four years of experience in GeoInnova, is interested in the development of software and has invested the time and effort to improve in this area. His interest has focused on the development of applications for the mining industry, both in the Frontend and in the Backend. While its approach includes analysis of data, computing and parallel simulation data, demonstrating its ability to address complex tasks and demanding. Javier has been an active part in projects that involve the development of innovative technological solutions for the mining industry, demonstrating its ability to take advantage of the latest technologies and trends.  

Natalia Sepúlveda (NSM)

Software engineer R & D 

Natalia stands out in the workplace because of their experience in developing Full Stack applications. Since joining GeoInnova, has been working on the project of development of the new version of the desktop software called Conciliatron. This innovative tool that focuses on the reconciliation of resource models to analyze the level and the quality of prediction of these models. Natalia has been a key part in this process, contributing their knowledge and skills to improve the functionality and user experience of Conciliatron. In addition, recently took part in the new desktop version of the tool Geognosim along with the rest of the team members. Currently, he is working on an internal project development-focused work flow and communication, in addition to the centralization of data and knowledge within the company. 

Patricio Zúñiga (PZM)

Software engineer R & D 

Since its accession to the GeoInnova, Patrick has been a key agent in the evolution and continuous improvement of the tool Visualytic, a powerful 3D visualizer. Their dedication and knowledge have enabled us to make several improvements ranging from the incorporation of new features as achievements and filters, to the correction of bugs and changes in the interface for an experience more intuitive. In addition, its focus on performance has driven significant improvements in the speed and efficiency of the display. In addition, Patrick has participated in the implementation of the tool Geognosim. Currently, Patrick is working together with the team in the implementation of an application that will come to improve our flow of work and the work of other companies. At the same time, provides support to the consulting team at GeoInnova to develop custom scripts that streamline processes and improve the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.  

Nicolás Sáez (NSU)

Engineer of organizational support 

Nicholas was titled in the year 2022, with a thesis that focused on the development of an innovative system to strengthen the teaching of Mathematics. This system, designed especially for students of the first cycle of basic education, joined the gamification through the creation of a video game and a management system. During their professional practice in the Municipality of Panguipulli, Nicholas gained experience in user support, equipment maintenance, and contributed to the development and upgrade of the internal platform. There, he demonstrated his mastery of programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript and MySQL in this task. In GeoInnova, Nicholas is dedicated to the institutional support and works closely with the management team. 

Tamara Namuncura (TNL)

Senior Front-end Developer 

Tamara is an outstanding professional with over 6 years experience in front-end development in various sectors, including healthcare, banking and legal. She is an expert in the creation of web components and mobile-reusable and adaptable. He began his career in the web development in 2016 through Laboratory and earned his degree in Analysis and Computer Programming in 2022 with the Highest Distinction.

Tamara is a passionate advocate for closing the gender gap in STEM and has been a mentor in several organizations. He represented Chile in the Ship for World Youth (SWY) 2019 and won a competition of innovation in 2019, which led her to visit technology companies in Silicon Valley. His experience and commitment to innovation makes it a valuable addition to the Innovation and Development area.

At GeoInnova we are committed to the continuous improvement of our consulting services and we are distinguished by:

Provide innovative solutions to our customers, which solve new challenges and meet the changing demands of the mining industry.

Deliver independent consulting services, based on deep professional ethics.

Offer operational solutions to the questions and various problems of our customers.

Establish long-term relationships with our customers, trying to exceed their expectations in terms of solutions and products delivered.

Have a group of professionals, with excellent academic training and practical experience, who develop and implement integral solutions for our clients.

To be an international reference in geological modeling, estimation, classification of resources and mining reserves.