Special Researches

design of drilling programs

GeoInnova can help our customers in the design of drilling programs focusing on the identification the zones where there is greater uncertainty in order to optimize the drilling program.

Mine to mill

The characterization of rock hardness impacts the treatment capacity and thus in incomes from a project or mine. That is why the study of variables like Work Index test, Starkey, geotechnicals uniaxial compression test (UCS) and other data could be studied in order to estimate the deposit hardness.

error analysis of resource estimation

Using conditional simulations is possible to analyze the spatial distribution of possible errors of estimation models in order to identify areas where there is a high probability of error.

analysis of geological dilution and mining selectivity

With this type of researches is possible to quantify the potential impact of geometry, level of connectivity and continuity of geological bodies in the mining plan and also geometallurgical problems (recovery, extraction, etc.)